Upcycling projects

Save That Glass Jar! Here Are 28 Wonderful Ways to Upcycle It

This whimsical DIY will have you switching out your table linens for denim in no time! It also means they are easy to save in great numbers and indicate a glass over plastic choice, which is a better thing for the environment.

The skirt was a soft wool challis. What you will you make: You basically just have to cut your quilt pieces and sew them together. Feeling like furniture is too tall an order for denim DIY?

Upcycling with plastic bags Plastic bags are problematic for people wishing to reduce the amount of waste that they send to landfills.

Top 100 Upcycling Blogs and Websites on the Web

What a perfect gift for a new baby! People often believe that these cups can be thrown in with their curbside blue bin program, only for them to be tossed into a landfill later on.

If you want to find a truly productive use for your cups, the best thing to do is shred them and use them in your compost.

Upcycling Styrofoam Inventing Styrofoam was a very poor decision, but we made it and now that stuff is everywhere.

40+ Upcycled and Recycled Crafts and DIY Projects

We sure hope so and we want to hear your feedback so leave a comment below! You just cover your bed frame with fabric, and you can do whatever design you want.

Bracelet or belt Now that you have saved up a lot of tabs from all your aluminum can projects, why not put them to use? It can, however be tricky to work with because of the thickness and the stretch.

Sometimes, you just have to be a little crafty. Make sure they are stretched out and laying flat on top of each other. This denim hack is not just insanely resourceful, but also totally fabulous! It looked too military for me. One other article of clothing I made I made is a kimono from an old upcycled Liberty Skirt that was large and baggy.

Try these projects and have some fun! While jeans may not be the most appropriate attire for a cocktail party, they sure make cool cocktail napkins! In this class, I will show you how to use both of those properties to your advantage! You can submit photos of your projects through the course for our input and suggestions, too.

You can make them to pair with a holiday kitchen towel for those people who are really hard to find gifts for. When you come across the latter, resist the urge to add to your cut off collection and instead, transform this durable and versatile fabric into something totally wow-worthy.

While your at it, start pulling off the tabs as you go and set them aside — our last project will require a whole lot of them. Do this with as many bags as you want. Make sure you look through the entire tutorial. This stuffed softie would also be an adorable addition to any baby shower gift.

I think it looks better on me than black and I prefer it since it is a lighter color than black. Happy Upcycling, … How To: You are posting comments too quickly.

Be Careful How You Upcycle

By harnessing the soothing light of candles and creating relaxing patterns of light, these candleholders can add depth to your chill time. I made my daughter one of the Ponchos from Four Scarves.

We not-so-secretly love that the cover is bejeweled in chunky rhinestones. There is definitely no shortage of plastic bottle projects. I prefer it as a poncho, since my skinny frame makes the thickness of the cord around the waist seem bulky.

However, the majority of examples and suggestions on how to upcycle items are usually just a mild step above throwing it in the trash. Try these educational dice. We love the idea of using them as tassels on gift wrap, or strung as festive garland.ARTICLES POSTED IN DIY Projects CATEGORY DIY Projects.

Whether you were born with a hammer in your hand or whether you're scared of even picking up a paintbrush, it doesn't matter because here you'll find a wide selection of DIY projects and how to tips, varying from extra easy to complex. 30 unbelievable ways to reuse plastic bottles you'll love to adopt at home or work.

Aug 16,  · If you're the type of person who hates to throw anything away, then turn your unwanted items into gorgeous DIY projects. After all, one person's trash isHome Country: San Francisco. 40+ Upcycled Projects.

6 Unique Upcycling Ideas For Your Home

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Previously I shared the tin can votive project which included the Christmas tree and snowflake designs. This project follows the same idea and you can make it exactly the same way, only instead of pictures, we have letters marked into the cans. Upcycling Projects.

If you’re considering a new upcycling project, start with what you already have. Is there an old piece of furniture that’s been in storage? Maybe multiples of the same item you simply don’t know what to do with?

Upcycling projects
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